A Brief Word About Our Leather

vegetableWe currently use vegetable tanned leather from Italy and Spain, all tanned in the traditional methods with some tanneries going back five generations.




Characteristics of the vegetable tanned leathers.

SecondFrom the long and complicated process of vegetable tanning comes a unique product that with time becomes only more gorgeous to touch and to see. The nature of this leather ensures that your purchase will be a unique one as no two colours are the same. Vegetable tanned leather created unrepeatable characteristic, gaining character from its wear giving it that worn charm. The natural ageing does not compromise the resistance of leather but gives it a vintage effect that can even personalise shades of colour and represent the evidence of owning a natural product.


In a corner of Tuscany

ThirdIt is in the heart of the incomparable beauty of the Tuscan; landscapes, between Pisa and Florence, that the noble art of vegetable tanning is kept alive. A handcraft tradition, as precious as ancient, that today represent a fundamental heritage of art and handcraft for Tuscany. Vegetable tanning, known since the Paleolithic; is a long and articulated process based on ancient recipes and knowledge, handed on from father to son until today. The hands of master tanners have worked for more than two hundred years, to offer today a unique and timeless leather.


Aroma and powders from nature

LeatherAromaTannins are extracted from trunks, fruits, leaves and even roots of plants such as chestnut tree with mimosa and Argentinean quebracho. Giving authentic characteristics to leathers. Tannins provide unique characteristics to leather, making it immediately recognizable from any other methods of tanning with qualities including warm and brilliant colours, soft touch, resistance and its unique aroma of leather, the typical aroma of woods.


Vegetable tanning, an ancient passion

Vegetable TaningVegetable tanning allows raw hides to become Genuine Italian and Spanish Vegetable Tanned Leather. In full respect of environment and nature. It is in large wooden drums that the leather is slowly converted in a strong material that can last throughout time. A slow transformation, taking up to forty days, a prodigious process combining the use of tannins, new technologies and the passing of time.



Trying to choose which colour you would like for your Mackenzie leather goods? Why not order a colour sample! Because leather is a natural material; there is often a slight variation in colour between different types of leather and individual skins.

Saddle Hide Colours

Saddle Hide Colours

Tanned with wood bark and plant extracts. This firm leather provides a close and even grain providing you a hard wearing bag which will age to reflect your journey, a bag which will only improve better with age.

Soft Hide

Soft Hide colours

Like our Saddle hide this soft hide leather is tanned with wood bark and plant extracts. This leather provides a softer and natural grain. It comes either in the Italian matt finish selection or the Spanish shiney selection. The leather is always lined with an interior pig skin providing you a hard wearing bag which will age to reflect your journey, a bag which will only improve better with age.





Scottish Canvas

The canvas we use with our designs is made from 18oz waxed cotton giving it high strength and durability. The linings are made from 10oz lighter weight waxed canvas. The concept of waxed cotton was originally developed in the early 15th century by sailors. Remnants of these sails were used as capes to withstand the high winds and sea spray. Keeping the sailors warm and dry.

In the years that followed, various treatments were applied to cottons in an attempt to find the most effective blend. The combination of densely woven cotton, impregnated with a paraffin waxed coating proved most successful. The beauty of waxed cotton is its durability and longevity. The fabrics are also highly breathable. The wax adjusting to ambient temperature to be softer/more breathable in warm weather and stiffer/more wind proof in cold conditions. Its proofing can be maintained by the end user, by applying wax into the surface, keep it soft, supple and weather-resistant. The densely woven cotton is strong and reliable, while the finish ensures that the fabric looks better with age. The wax naturally picks up marks and creases through use, which add to the character of the fabric itself.

Interior lining canvas


Still unsure what colour or leather is right for you? Give us a call, we would be delighted to help!